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Welcome to THE TRACK MAITRE D, you are about to benefit from endless hours of study and research that allows THE TRACK MAITRE D to select the right horse in the right race to get you in the money.

offers you, the racing public, top quality picks that will dramatically increase your overall winning percentage.

Providing choice horse picks in select races at tracks across the country -- more than 2500 selections each calendar year.

No need to sign up monthly or weekly and pay again and again in hopes of acquiring some winners. For what you may spend on one day at the track, you get these excellent betting opportunities emailed to you the day before the race of choice all year long and the action never stops.

As track meets end and horses ship to be in the next morning line, THE TRACK MAITRE D’s selections move with them continually providing you service, never leaving a void, and prepping you for year-round racing enjoyment.

Read THE TRACK MAITRE D's free monthly newsletter, THE STRETCH CALL, to learn the process and attitude that informs this selection process and why it will work for you. horse racing tipsEach monthly newsletter features inside stories and how THE TRACK MAITRE D has a leg up on handicapping. Read ABOUT US and learn how years of testing handicapping systems, followed by race horse ownership, and finally working at a track and mixing with all facets of the racing industry, had led to this winning concept.

When you join THE TRACK MAITRE D you are choosing to partner with someone who believes in his own selections and backs his own choices. This is not a large group out of touch with the betting public, THE TRACK MAITRE D is one of you, methodically analyzing the fields and sending you the results for you to act upon. When it’s post time you and I are ready!


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